CORRIDA produces racing oil which has high film strength (high viscosity index) and low viscosity (excellent liquidity) by polyester lubricant unique formula and technology. It keeps stable under extremely high working temperatures, and completely covers entire metal surfaces. Helps your car show full horsepower and continuous high speed. As well as reduces power losses, and improves fuel efficiency. Makes engine still as new by less oil sludge and carbon deposits produced.


Brand Story

Recently, our company has continued to improve the technology of our product. Besides, we use the best ingredient to do our product. And now gradually we have reputation for good quality in the field and there is good popularity among consumers. So far, Corrida has built for 10 years. Now, we would like to improve the brand and unify the trademark, so with immediate effect, the old Corrida is changed into new one. And we hope have better reputation in the field and the brand has more popularity among consumers.